Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bad late-night ratings - Good news for scripted television?

NBC's local affiliates' late-news ratings have beaten the winter Olympics skiers to the bottom of the hill... and they're not happy about it. So, after the closing ceremonies in Vancouver, there will be a shuffle in the network's team lineup.

"The network has a plan in the works to restore Jay Leno to his old spot at 11:35 each weeknight for a half-hour, while pushing the man who replaced him, Conan O’Brien, to a starting time of 12:05 a.m. Mr. O’Brien would then have a full hour."

While there's no mention in this article of what would fill the 10pm slot, I'm hoping that scripted shows could be given a chance. Okay, call me a dreamer... But creativity doesn't have to be incredibly expensive to produce... and so-called "reality" can never take the place of a well-produced comedy or drama.

Oh, sure, they can try.

But if the execs open up to new concepts and stop rehashing old formulae, they could actually find the cost/viewership balance with something more than an ersatz tribe of misfits stranded in the middle of nowhere, trying to out-dis each other in front of an army of cameras.

Time for me to get that spec pilot back on the front burner...

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