Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dick Cavett Meets John Wayne Meets... Noel Coward?

Dick CavettDick Cavett on his career in television.

(Warning: Good friends have refused to believe a word of what I’m about to relate. Your credulity is about to be strained.)

The setting was the Universal lot in Hollywood, and I was preparing a prime-time special to be called “Dick Cavett’s Backlot U.S.A.” We’d somehow lured Mae West out of her most recent retirement. We had Mickey Rooney and Gene Kelly. We needed another big-name guest.
Someone came in with a message and casually dropped the words, “The Duke is shooting over on the Western street.”

John Wayne during a scene from the 1976 movie “The Shootist.”Associated Press John Wayne during a scene from the 1976 movie “The Shootist.”

Astonishing, hilarious, and idol-reinforcing. A must-read for fans of any of the three celebs in the title!

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