Thursday, April 12, 2007

Twitter: Without a privacy policy, am I a twit for signing up?

Since I am so very susceptible to the digital zeitgeist, I just signed up for Twitter.

My first question would be... Where's their privacy policy?

It never ceases to amaze me how many very popular companies and web sites ignore this vital bit of communication with their users/customers.

A smart surfer will always assume, for the sake of safety, that any company that has no posted privacy policy will sell your email address and other personal information into spammer slavery. So what does that say about Twitter?

Since there's nothing posted, they got a tagged email address from me. And I still haven't put in my IM or phone, since they don't say what they will do with that info.

Naturally, you can't always assume that a company will always abide by its posted policy. There have been several high-profile examples of companies selling info when they said they wouldn't. But these days, there's so much public and media pressure to get it right that companies at the front of the Internet community's collective mind -- like Twitter -- are usually more likely to do what they say with your info.

Now, if only Twitter would say what they do.

This is Customer Relations 101, kids. Get that policy posted!

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