Saturday, April 21, 2007

A new meaning for "Going green"

And now for something completely different...

Want more flora in your world? How about carrying around your own little oxygen generator?

La Bague Gazon is a ring in the form of a porcelain pot. The hook is that you add a tiny bit of compressed potting soil, some seeds, and water.

After 15 days, you'll have a microscopic lawn that you can wear on your finger.

Pot colors vary, and prices range from 70 to 120 Euros (about US$95 to US$163 today), with a soil-and-seeds kit running 5 Euros.

No mention on the site of whether use of Scott's Turf Builder and RoundUp weed killer is recommended. And the Fantastic Voyage-style maintenance crew and equipment are apparently not included.

Nano-croquet, anyone?

La Bague Gazon, from Ratinaud Creations, Limoges, France:

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