Monday, September 15, 2008

Blowin' up: Sa Dingding

Every once in a long while an artist or a particular song comes along... and gives me chills. Sa Dingding, a Chinese singer, and DJ Full Phatt have done it with this remixed version of her song "Alive", from the debut album of the same name.

According to KCRW, this mix is available on an import release, but after Gargling, I discovered that the label has also made it available as a free download; the MP3 is here. While the Full Phatt Remix is more westernized and electrified, the rest of the tracks on the album lean a bit more toward acoustic instrumentation and Sino-centric sounds, and I'm sure many will note a New Age influence, although this stuff won't have you napping after a few bars.

Ms. Sa's voice moves effortlessly from the bright, traditional violin-like beam of light to a blues-influenced, breathy sensuality-- within the span of a single phrase. Invoking ancient Chinese or Mongolian culture and a chilled urban groove at once is an accomplishment in itself.

I could rave for paragraphs, but words can't replace a listen. Enjoy (iTunes affiliate link):

Dingding Sa - Alive


Katje said...

Bob, thanks so much for turning me on to sa dingding! "Alive" puts me into an altered state...and I've ordered the entire cd from Amazon!

Kathy Roosa

Bob West said...

She does that to me, too.

You just inspired me to put iTunes on Repeat(1), and let her sing to me three times running...

BTW-- I like the Nom de Net.