Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Climate change? Nah. That's just a myth.

From the standpoint of our government telling us the truth about climate change, we might as well have been living in China for the last 7.5 years:

Climate Findings Were Distorted, Probe Finds

Appointees in NASA Press Office Blamed

It's not really "new news", but it's just one more piece of proof that The Shrub and his cronies are the most blatant, self-serving liars we've had in power in ages.

Then again, my question would be-- Why are there any political appointees in the public affairs office at NASA? The agenda for that organization should be objective, unbiased research in science and technology. And it should have the reputation for it.

But, as has been shown time and again, the far right and those with short-term financial interests (AKA "Big Oil") are willing to do and say anything in order to line their pockets with cash, while deficit spending their children's future...

...all the while proving themselves morally bankrupt.

Can someone say "Time for change"?

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