Sunday, March 25, 2007

My chaotic self-reproducing inflationary universe


I've started a few blogs, but work would suddenly explode and I'd abandon the bloggage after just a few posts. But then, eventually, work would cyclically shrink back down to the size of a pinhead... or I'd have something to get off my chest, or both, and I'd start to write again. Except the previous blog didn't seem to have the right focus. So I'd start a brand new one.

It's like theoretical cosmologist Andrei Linde's theory of a chaotic self-reproducing inflationary universe. Explosively rapid expansion, followed by gradual shrinkage. But even if this universe buys the farm, there's always another bubble in the multiverse that'll kick in.

So now, work shrinkage is apparently setting in after this bubble been explosively, expansively insane over the last few months -- and no, I don't mean "shrinkage" in a Seinfeld kinda way.

But that's for another post...

For now, suffice it to say that while I'm waiting for this verse-bubble to pop so I can hop on the next one, I'll be posting blog entries.

But the Vegas odds makers would be laughing their collective buttocks off if you put money on me to finish more than two posts.

C'mon. I dare ya. Lay yer money down.

And get ready for the next big bang.

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